Moving in, moving out!

The furniture service industry has a long history of managing the logistics of office moves. This
requires extensive knowledge of the items of furniture, real estate, and logistics of both UK and
international transport, as well as recycling.

We are currently looking for a Works Planner/Scheduler for a client based in Essex, who operates in
the furniture installation industry. Although it’s not an essential criterion to have worked in the
furniture industry, it will help if you understand the sector.

The pandemic really changed the face of working from the office and how office furniture is moved
around and distributed between offices and individual homes, creating a logistical challenge for any
company that is trying to manage hybrid working, with offices being set up at home and hot desking
becoming far more popular for many companies big and small.

The industry is made up of smaller independent companies and also departments in multimillion
businesses, with project teams who are refurbishing large intuitions, moving businesses across the
world, and collaborating on refurbishment projects or new building developments.

Moving furniture for larger organisations includes the care and hospitality sectors, commercial and
public sector office accommodation, as well as hotel and student facilities. The teams will also be
skilled in office refits and removal of old furniture and waste management. With a clear strategy for
sustainability. The supervisory role we are looking to fill includes liaison with contractors, workforce
scheduling, transport planning, installation and works scheduling, the person is going to need to be
super organised and have a good understanding of office-based IT systems.

If you are an employer who is facing the challenge of recruiting in this sector, give our Romford
office a call and book in with one of our consultants.