Women in Security are still under-represented and this needs to change.

The most recent statistics held by the UK government on the trends over the last 5 years have only shown minimal growth in the numbers of women who have be awarded an SIA Licence, but at least its moving in the right direction.

In 2015-16 there were 11,501 licences granted to women, which represented 9.2% of the total workforce. In 2019-20 this figure had only increased to 13,371 and the % grown to 10.1%.

The Professional Security Magazine has been running Women in Security Awards since 2012 with many amazing women being recognised over recent years. This year’s awards event is being held in London on September 14th and it’s a sell-out event.

This September WIS will be launching a networking platform for all the finalists and winners, called the WIS Academy Influencers, eventually this group will go on to become mentors and raise issues within the industry. This is an exciting initiative and I hope it drives change and encourages more women into this sector.

Our team of recruiters on the security desk have been working on two roles this week, Relief Officers and CCTV Operatives and to date we haven’t received one female applicant for either positions. Our own internal review of applications for jobs in security would suggest that we currently do not replicate the national figures of 10%, so we are encouraged by any national initiatives that will help raise the profile of women in the security sector.

Our team at Axiom work with numerous security clients who all actively encourage female applicants who are qualified and experienced in the industry. If you are looking for roles in security, contact Harry on 01708 727060