Why can it be so hard to find work when you’re over 50?

Finding a job in a tight labour market can be challenging at the best of times, but for the over 50s who are often sandwiched between caring responsibilities for elderly parents and grandchildren, it can prove even harder.

The latest ONS data reveals there is a record number of those over 50’s who are doing Part-time work only, and this is a 56% growth rate over the last 20 years representing 3.6million over 50. (these figures were from April – June 2023).

As the state pension age continues to rise, there are going to be more workers available to remain or return to the workplace who are facing institutional ageism, along with balancing care responsibilities and needing to be reskilled.

There are enormous benefits to a diverse workforce, with an ageing population, often the majority of your customers are going to be over 50 and may prefer to be served by someone of their own age.

Older workers often bring substantial experience from a range of jobs over their lifetime, meaning they can be far more able to take on a variety of roles.

30% of the current workforce is now over 50 and from 6th April 2024 the Flexible Working Act will come into force, meaning that flexible working will be available from day 1 of working for an employer, the current legislation means a candidate has to work for 26 weeks before they can make that request.

A recent survey conducted by ACAS found that 7 out of 10 employees are not aware of this new legislation and this new legislation will hopefully enable those over 50 to access new employment.

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