What skills and qualifications are needed to become a van driver?

Interestingly there are now apprenticeship pathways which have not been available historically and this is a great indication of the growth within the sector and how the larger employers are using training as a way to encourage new blood into the industry. Both apprenticeships are at Level 2 and would enable you to study and earn at the same time.

Obviously, the main criteria is a clean driving license, some companies will be looking at a minimum age, and also for a variety of reasons, some logistics companies will need you to have demonstrated a number of years of driving for a logistics company.

A clean bill of health will also be expected, along with good customer-facing skills, this will include good verbal communication and an ability to work under pressure and demonstrate you can meet deadlines.

Most clients will also look for Warehouse experience when recruiting for a Van driver, having a working knowledge of collection points, warehousing, packing and tracking technology plus route planning and vehicle loading, will be a big advantage when applying for driver positions.

There can often be exciting career pathways open once you are a part of a large logistics company, this can include moving onto larger vehicles eg HGV qualifications, and with some clients, there may be the opportunity to gain an SIA licence and train in transporting cash and high-value items.

Other career openings would include moving into managing a team of drivers or even becoming the transport or fleet manager.

There are other areas of training that may be required once you become a part of a logistics team, this might include, fuel efficiency, driver safety, rules of the road, defensive driving, and driver fitness and well-being.

If you are looking for a team of recruiters that can help you source staff for your delivery fleet, or you are a driver looking for your next move, we would like to hear from you.