What a great way to start 2024, being awarded the Gangmasters Licence

In 2004, 23 Chinese cockle pickers were killed in Morcombe Bay, Lancashire, this horrific human disaster paved the way for the creation of the GLA in 2005 with the specific target of finding gangmasters who were breaking the law and risking the lives of their workers.

From that point onwards anyone who is supplying this industry must apply for a licence and if they are found operating without one will face heavy penalties, there have been almost 200 convictions since the GLAA was launched.

There is a rigorous inspection before any licence is issued which covers:

Fit and Proper Test

Tax and Pay Matters

Forced labour and mistreatment of workers

Accommodation and working conditions

Health and Safety

Recruiting working and Contractual arrangements

Subcontracting and using other labour providers.

Already in 2024, the GLAA has fined an unlicenced gangmaster in Northern Ireland, he appeared in court on 23 January 2024 and was fined £8000 for supplying Romanian workers to a food processing centre.

Gary Strong, Managing Director at Axiom Personnel said “We are pleased to have been awarded this licence and I would like to thank all my team for the hard work in preparing the information for this licence application”