Welders remain on the Shortages of Workers list in the UK and this will be updated in June.

The Migration Advisory Committee was asked by the government to review the shortages of workers list back in August 2022, this was a stop-start process through to February this year when they were asked to expedite the review by March 2023.

There are two industry sectors that are pushing to be added to the Shortage of Workers list and those are hospitality and construction.

In the past construction has not been one of the industry sectors that has used this method of attracting talent into work but Construction has seen vacancies rise to post-pandemic levels. There have been significant drops in the self-employed workforce as construction workers move into employment but skilled workers are still in high demand and vacancies remain an issue for productivity in the construction industry.

The Migration Advisory Committee is giving significant weight to the addition of more construction worker job types being added to the list, and this is due to the strategic importance construction and house building have on the UK economy and growth plans.

High Integrity Pipe Welders with 3 or more years of experience remain on the list (but the experience can only be gathered from legal employment activities. In addition to Welders, the construction industry could see Bricklayers and Masons, Roofers (slaters and tilers) Carpenters and Joiners, Plasters and Dryliners as well as general construction operatives.

We already know that many of the above trades are already forecasting a drop in numbers as older workers come up for retirement age and many of these jobs require a level of physical fitness that leads to workers rarely working later than retirement age.

We specialise in recruitment in the Construction sector and will be interested to see what Migration Advisory Committee announces in June, if you are interested in finding out what jobs are on the list click here