We are recruiting for an RICS Quantity Surveyors role in a local Essex firm.


Most of us think of a surveyor as the person who comes and tells us what is wrong with the house or flat we are about to buy, but this role is in a commercial environment and includes the full tendering process, managing costs and subcontractors onsite.

In May 2023, the RICS reported, the trend in infrastructure investment was continuing and remains stable with positive forecasts. The impact of global warming and the targets set on retrofits for industrial and commercial buildings will keep Surveyors busy for some years to come yet, even with the pressure on the economy, those targets remain in place. Labour shortages in construction remain a cause for concern, with most larger construction firms struggling to find tradespeople as well as university-qualified candidates for the positions that need professional qualifications.

Civil engineering roles have made it onto the UK government’s skilled worker shortage list but surveyors haven’t yet managed to get the support of the UK Government. But the problem won’t necessarily be resolved by recruiting from outside the UK, you only have to Google shortages in Surveyors, and you will find blogs from Irish and Australian websites, referring to the lack of qualified surveyors being available in both those countries.

There are currently over 134,000 trainees and qualified RISC members operating around the world and with the average age of a Chartered Surveyor currently sitting at around 55 it is essential the trend in bringing on new younger surveyors continues to grow.

There are clearly changes coming to the role with the implementation of technology, which may in the future ease some of the pressures on recruitment. The role we are looking to fill has an essential criteria of strong IT skills and being able to adapt to new technologies and with AI already being used to analyse large data bundles and virtual and augmented reality being used to visualise design projects and help improve in project planning and cost estimations.

We are already talking to candidates for this role, so if you are interested in finding out more about working with a team who can help you find new surveyors for your practice, get in touch today.