This week is Men’s Health Week 12th – 18th June 2023 and we still have 1 man in 5 who are dying before they are 65.

The drive for 2023 is Men’s Health and the Internet, the Men’s Health Forum, which runs this week, is a registered charity based in London, they have been campaigning for improved health for men’s health since 2015.

Sadly the statistics are still very poor with men still struggling to talk about their health, especially mental health. The average Life expectancy in the UK is 81 years old, with women living until they are 83 and the average male until he is 79.

Axiom Personnel work in industry sectors ie Construction, that still remain male-dominated with an average of 80% of applications for job roles coming from men.

Men have a really tough time seeking help, with some of the current statistics amplifying those challenges:

  • 87% of men are rough sleepers – in 2022, there were 2,539 registered male rough sleepers every night and the missing people list is made up of 73% males.
  • 95% of the prison population is male and 50% of those have mental health issues.
  • ¾ of all deaths by suicide in England are men and it remains the biggest killer of men under the age of 45.
  • Almost 9% of men are alcohol dependent in comparison to only 3.3% of women.

These are all %’s come from the NHS and probably the saddest statistic is that 11% of men have no friends.

Imagine that! Our offices in Romford are always buzzing, chatting with clients and candidates, meeting up with colleagues for lunch or arranging a social. Supporting each other on a bad day and celebrating together when we have those amazing days.

Our industry relies heavily on the internet, with CVs online, posting of jobs on the major jobs boards, our own website and social activity being updated daily, but as we know there is a darker side impacting health and well-being, and this year’s campaign is suggesting taking a screen break.

‘Nomophobia’ is now a thing, with 58% of men experiencing some form of anxiety if they are without their mobile phones.

On Sunday it’s Father’s Day, so let’s take a screen break this week and spend time with our families.