New Year New Job

Have you included finding a new job as part of your New Year’s Resolution in 2023

Research carried out by the UK’s fastest-growing comparison site, showed that almost
13% of adults in the UK have included careers as part of their new year’s resolutions.
There are 30 million adults in the UK this year making commitments to make changes in their lives
which equates to 58% of the population and Londoners seem to be far more interested in setting
new goals with 74% making a New Years’ Resolution.

It seems that the top 3 resolutions are:

1. Improving Health. I don’t know about you but I won’t be joining a gym this January, but I can
imagine there are thousands of new memberships taken out each year. It seems that
February is the biggest month for new gym memberships.
2. Money. It seems that improving savings, making new investments and picking up a second
job is the focus of many new financial goals for this year.
3. Family. This tends to have a regional bias with those in the North East wanting to spend
more time with family, us Londoners have Money at the top of our priority list, which is
probably not surprising with the cost of living impacting heavily on mortgages now.

Although the report in HR Magazine is older I think probably still very relevant, 18% cited January as
the most popular month to make a move, this doesn’t actually result in January being the biggest
month for moves, but it seems that it’s a critical month for making decisions.
Results from the ONS data in December seem to show improving numbers on Payroll and even with
all of the economic uncertainty the report is still showing redundancy levels are still below pre-
pandemic numbers.

If changing your career is on your New Year Resolutions list, we would love to hear from you, especially
if you are in construction, logistics or industrial roles.