Lets have a CABversation! If you’re a Lorry Driver you will probably know what this is.

What is a ‘cabversation’ obviously it’s a play on words and it is a conversation but used to converse with lorry drivers.  This campaign was launched in September and is a collaboration between MIND and SMAH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) and had the backing of the RHA (Road Haulage Association)

This campaign is to raise awareness of mental health issues for drivers across the industry, Lorry Drivers often spend many hours on their own in their cabs and as we all know driving now in the UK, especially in many of our towns and cities can be very stressful. This campaign is to encourage drivers to talk to each other when they stop at a MOTO service station to take one of their breaks.

The transport and storage sector, approximately 41% of health-related issues are caused by work-related stress, anxiety and depression. Moto has established 60 ‘talking benches’ across the UK to provide lorry drivers with a space of their own to have ‘cabversations’

This is not the first campaign this year aimed at raising awareness into the mental health issues experienced by lorry drivers in the UK. In August 23 the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) went live with a texting service (when safe to do so) with BeMates, a confidential place for drivers to text to connect to support. Drivers are often away from home for days on end, their eating and sleeping patterns are disrupted, they are under pressure to meet tight delivery deadline and there are limited access to showers and washing facilities, all adding to the stress in the job. The Road Haulage industry is a vital part of the UK economy and keeps the UK open for business.

National Lorry Week was celebrated at the end of October and has now been running for 9 years and is another opportunity for the industry to really shout loud about the contribution it makes the keeping our shops open and our economy thriving.

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