Last week the UK government continued on its journey of investment into autonomous vehicle projects.

On 13th February the government committed further funding to the self-drive eco-system to support the UK in becoming a world leader in the development of, autonomous and connected vehicles.

In 2020 the CAM-Scale up program delivered by ZENZIC was launched and since then over 20 UK SMEs and start-ups have been supported which has led to the development of a range of new innovations. These include radar technology, to help navigate extreme weather conditions and AI-enabled perception systems.

The current round of funding runs between February 2024 and March 2025 and this round of funding also enables the successful applicants to test their products or services in realistic environments across the world, including leading CAM testbed facilities. One of these testing facilities is based in South East London, It is called SMLL, the Smart Mobility Living Lab (here is a link to the centre) This facility uses private and public roads in London to help build cleaner, more efficient, safer and convenient driving solutions to suit everyone on the road.

This program aims to keep the UK at the front of the global race in this advanced technology and keep bright minds in this country working together to win.