Job posts are staying live longer as employers search for the right candidates

In a recent article in Personnel Today, where they interviewed the CEO of the REC, employers are taking their time and now waiting longer to get the right candidate, this in his opinion is not the right decision.

In our experience, this is a job hunters market and if employers are taking longer to make decisions this is probably having the opposite effect and means they are losing great applicants who have already accepted a role in another company.

Statistics from the REC state there were an additional 180,000 new vacancies added to the jobs market in the middle of September, (probably those returning from their summer holidays and deciding it was time to move, also the pressures of trying to juggle childcare and work could be having an impact with employers being less flexible). This takes the current number of vacancies in the UK up to 3,000,000, the highest it has been for some time now with no region in the UK seeing any drops in vacancy rates.

Interestingly the only sector that has shown any decline is vacancies for driving instructors, in August this year the government interviewed 5671 instructors and of those almost 10% were planning on leaving the profession in the next year, so maybe that situation could change. There was an enormous backlog of driving tests post Covid and there is still a long waiting list with excessive waiting times for tests to get booked.

Some sectors are still seeing huge challenges in recruitment, including Health and Social Care, Education and Hospitality.

We specialise in working with the industrial, manufacturing and construction sectors and work closely with our clients to keep an optimum flow of quality candidates.  We also work extremely hard to keep the lines of communication open constantly with our applicants to monitor their recruitment activities.

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