Ipsos a leading market research company make their prediction for the UK economy at the end of 2023.

The big predictions for the recruitment industry include the implication of AI, with 1 in 3 people believing it will have a significant impact on job losses within their sector, the changes that are expected with the return to the office, half of the people interviewed believing that the return to working in an office will continue to gather momentum.

The majority of industry leaders are saying that the return to the office will happen, expecting a productivity improvement, and offering incentives to staff with childcare benefits, catered meals and commuter benefits, but some employers may even threaten to fire staff who don’t comply with the RTO policies.

There are predictions for political change, with over 50% saying we will see a change of government, but in the same survey, Britons are also pessimistic about the likelihood of  2024 bringing evidence of alien life!

In their study in November this year, called Signs of Success, there were some fascinating results as to how we perceive success here in the UK, with 77% of us believing that hard work is essential to getting ahead in life, and 66% of us, believing that education and ambition are also very important factors.

The other shocking statistic from IPSOS in 2023 was from pre-COP28 polling was that only 1% of us believe that the global symposium will result in any positive action!

2024 is going to be an interesting year and it is fascinating to read some of these predictions, our team work tirelessly on behalf of our clients and candidates finding jobs and placing applicants into jobs, if you are looking for a new role, or a new recruiter, please get in touch for more information from one of our team in our Romford offices.