How to recruit and retain staff in an uncertain world

The Great Resignation is real, and it is happening. Global labour shortages have left many companies struggling to fill the gaps. Workers all over the world, including the UK are leaving their jobs in striking numbers. Due to the pandemic, it is not always easy to relocate either. Below, we discuss certain steps you can take to keep your employees happy, but also what you can do to ensure you are recruiting the right staff.

How are companies keeping employees happy?

Often, the knee-jerk reaction to keeping employees happy is to offer pay rises. But for some, it isn’t all about the money. Working takes up the majority of our lifetime, so it is important as an employee that you find the right job for you. It is therefore important that as an employer, you learn how to keep your employees happy. Some employees not be financially motivated, but the sector and to thrive in their job could be what they are looking for.

Talk to your employees

In any walk of life, communication is key. Whether it be a personal relationship or a working relationship, you need to be able to communicate. Make sure you are employing the right person and that they are the right fit. The best way to judge this is not through a CV, but also through talking to the person. At Axiom Personnel, we provide you with hard-working employees who fit your company ethos. Ensuring the right employee goes to the right company for them is so important to us. The best way to make this happen is by listening to and understanding the wants and needs of both parties.

It doesn’t stop there – as an employer, you must understand and address your workers’ challenges. If they have frustrations, speak to them about it and take on board what they are saying. Communication is key in keeping your employees happy, and this is exactly how you can do it.

Reward Loyalty

As a company, you would expect loyalty from your employees and an employee would expect the same from you. If a worker is feeling a little underwhelmed or unappreciated then you should start by speaking to them. Try to understand what they are feeling disgruntled about. They might not be as forthcoming as they want to be, so if you provide them with a sense of loyalty, they may open up a little. Feeling secure in a job can provide employees with happiness. If someone is working hard for the business, then they would want to feel appreciated. A nice gesture included in their pay packet may be something to consider. It does not have to be something big, but just an acknowledgement would go a long way. What it does do is show you that you care, which is pivotal in improving the morale of your workforce.

Try to cultivate an environment where people feel comfortable and confident that their loyalty will be rewarded. In fact, there could be a case that they are struggling with workload. Employing someone else or developing a strategy to lighten their workload, might be exactly what your staff are crying out for.

Invest in your company and your people

Another thing you can do to help your company is to invest in its resources if possible. Investing in technology can be vital to helping your employees do the best that they can.

For example, someone working in HR will need to have the right software to ensure they are up to date with all their tasks. If it is to do with payroll, check that they have the right technology to do their job efficiently. Not investing in the right software can delay the job that they are doing. It would take them more time to check employee welfare and deal with payroll requirements, as well as other aspects of their duties.

Overall, the key to retaining and recruiting staff is all about communication. Invest in your people and you will reap the rewards. Your people need investment, and it isn’t always just a pay rise, supplying them with the right resources to perform their role successfully is an investment in itself.

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