How many of us set new job or career goals at the start of a new year and should we be setting them earlier?

Nearly ¼ of all UK workers will be seeking a new job in 2024, these figures were reported in an article in Finextra at the end of 2023 and the numbers were taken from a survey of 5000 UK workers, 40% of those believed that January was the best time of the year to start looking.

Interestingly though, this does not align with how hiring managers look to recruit for positions starting in the new year. Most permanent job roles will have been signed off during budget negotiation in October and early November, to start new team members for the beginning of the year.

The vast majority of people still set their New Year resolutions and career goals for the start of the New Year and these tend to be the ones that people are more likely to stick to.

The hiring process for the majority of full-time positions can still take up to a month from the initial sight of the application form, through to the signing of a contract and then there will be a notice period and most employees will have a month’s notice period. If an applicant doesn’t start to look at vacancies until early January they are unlikely to start in a job until late February or early March.

The cost-of-living crisis seems to be the big driver in job seekers moving, with over 50% of the respondents looking for at least 10-12% increase on their current salaries, but better work-life balance is now playing more of the decision-making process, as employers are pushing for workers to return to the office on a more permanent basis. Those discussions are forcing some workers to review their roles and whether they will remain at their existing workplace, setting goals that include less travel time.

With the free childcare incentives opening up to working parents of 2-year-olds from April 2024, the government is hoping more part-time workers will be able to afford to take on more hours and move towards full-time jobs.

66% of Brits will have set New Year Resolutions for 2024 which represents 35 million people, this has increased from 28 million in 2022 and of those 14% will have included career goals as part of the change they are going to make in 2024.

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