How has your business been affected by the Great Resignation?

During the last 3 years, we have seen huge numbers of staff leave the workforce, the thinking was originally the pandemic was the motivator, but it seems that even though nearly all Covid restrictions have been lifted, and the workplace is for most of us ‘back to normal’, the numbers would suggest the resignation letters are still falling on employers’ desks. This may begin to change as we see the economic outlook become more challenging.

In a survey carried out this year by the consultancy firm Barnett Waddington, they discovered only 15% of senior decision-makers seemed to have avoided experiencing any impact from this phenomenon, of the 85% of those surveyed who had been impacted, over 1/3 of those respondents said they had seen the negative impacts on employees wellbeing, along with team burnout and in 20% of cases employees having to take on unreasonable workloads.

Although we have seen dramatic changes for many businesses over the last couple of years, with hybrid working being adopted by a large percentage of employers, as well as a reduction in the working week, with some employers going as far as offering a 4-day working week.

For many of these businesses, there has been a substantial investment in technology to enable the transition to home working and during this cost-of-living crisis, this has been seen by many employees as being essential in helping to fund their reduction in salary in real terms.

But there are still a significant number of industries which cannot incorporate this type of flexibility. Industries like manufacturing, especially in some of the smaller plants where AI has not yet replaced the workforce or in the packaging, warehouse and logistics companies where human intervention is still needed. In these industries, the workforce must be based on-site, where the machinery and equipment are located.

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