How accurate is a DBS (Disclosing and Barring Service) and how long are they currently taking to process an application?

As with any check, they are only as accurate as the information provided on that date, if someone is in court today and has a criminal conviction that may not be included in the system at the time of the check, how often do you carry out an update is down to each employer. It is recommended that a check is repeated every three years, but some employers may carry our checks more regularly.

An individual can carry out a basic DBS check for themselves and this is what many self-employed workers will do, this is a way of getting your application to stand out from the rest of the field. It is also a great way to protect your client’s reputation, they can use it as part of their marketing literature.

Applying for a basic check will give an employer a good understanding of character, and it will tell the applicant what an employer will be able to see when they do a check, they will also be able to see unspent convictions.

A standard and an enhanced DBS check can only be applied for by the employer, but the certificate will be sent to the employee’s address.

A standard DBS will provide an employer with the same as an enhanced one, but the local police stations will not be contacted. Most financial and legal roles will require a candidate to be prepared to go through a standard DBS, any job working with vulnerable adults or children will have to have an enhanced DBS check. Employers in the education sector or caring for young children may also apply to the Children Barred List (previously known as List 99). This list is held with names who are legally barred from working with children. This list is also held by the Disclosure and Barring Service and the types of convictions would include violence or sexual offences against a child or a vulnerable adult as well as convictions for neglect or abuse.

There can be delays on an Enhanced application depending on how many local police forces are being queried and if there are any mistakes on the form.

What information are you going to need for an enhanced DBS application; When you go for your enhanced DBS you are going to need your NI number, full name and address, proof of address, and evidence of living there for the last 5 years. The proof of address would need to be a bank statement or a utility bill and if you haven’t already used it a driving licence would be accepted.