Have you ever wondered how many landfills there are in the UK?

If your business is recycling, then you will know what the answer, its 500!

It is common knowledge in the UK Waste Management industry that space in landfills is running out fast and there either needs to be a clear plan for opening new sites or an aggressive approach to recycling targets being achieved or there will be a crisis within only a few years and we may even see sites as we saw during the strikes in London earlier this year with refuse piling up on the streets.

Devon has already raised the alarm bells and is actively looking for more sites, but this comes with enormous planning issues and a “not in my back door” mentality. The East Tilbury Quarry on our doorstep now has zero capacity, this is a similar situation in Rainham, Essex, Dartford in Kent, is also full, as is Wivenhoe. There is some capacity in Linford and Brightlingsea, but this is a similar situation when you look at the sites across the UK

The UK generated 222.2 million tonnes of waste in 2018 with England responsible for 84% of that waste.

A recent report which looked into 10 of the UK’s largest councils showed that 7 out of the 10 were showing increased waste going to landfill.

As the old saying goes “There is money in muck”  Local authorities in England spent £4.9b on managing waste, reducing waste and better managing recycling will help save money and the environment.

We work with clients who specialise in waste management and getting the right team in place is essential to a smooth operation and a continuous service being provided to the local authorities responsible for the collection of the waste.