Growing demand for manned security services could leave the industry short within the next 12 months.

A recent article in one of the FM magazines highlights the potential shortfall of 62,000 officers in the next 12 months as the industry battles to keep up with growing demand.

There are a number of pressures which have created this current lack of recruits and the great resignation is having a major impact on these numbers. The BSIA is planning to hold one of the largest drives in recruitment in its history to try and help fill the gap. Retirement, long-term sickness and SIA officers re-evaluating their careers during Covid and Furlough have meant that many officers have not returned to the sector and have found work in other industries.

This is being matched by the additional pressure on Public spaces/venues and large venues needing to comply with the impending new Protect Duty which is expected to become law by 2023.

This new Duty comes out of the Manchester Arena bombing and is being referred to as ‘Martyn’s Law’ The purpose of this duty is to protect members of the public and staff in these larger venues and open public spaces from terrorist attacks and prevent the loss of life.

The responsibility for protecting staff and visitors will fall firmly into the hands of the operators and owners of these large events and spaces. The Association for Events Industry is raising awareness among its members, and this is in turn creating an ever-increasing demand for licenced officers. These venues must be ready for the new legislation.

The current levels of risk of a terrorist attack are in amber, this is known as a substantial threat and it is also putting increased pressure on businesses and the government to increase policing activities therefore businesses are having to improve their own security measures to protect their staff and visitors.

The event industry will be under considerable pressure by next year and must be able to demonstrate it can meet the criteria set out in the Protect Duty legislation.

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