Finally, the shortage of HGV Lorry drivers numbers stabilises in the UK

Although the UK is experiencing better driver numbers, this is not the case across Europe. Almost half of European countries are still experiencing shortages in lorry drivers with ¾ of those stating they are having severe shortages.

A report produced in America by MIT Centre for Transport and Logistics found that improving driver efficiency by 18 minutes per day, could potentially solve the driver shortage situation in the US.

In July this year, the latest ONS data reported the HGV driver workforce crisis had stabilised and the number of Long Distance HGV drivers had returned to pre-pandemic levels. But some of the issues that affected the dramatic drop in driver numbers in 2021, still exist in the UK today. With wages increasing over the last 2 years by 30%, this has encouraged new entrants to the sector but also brought people back out of early retirement which has helped towards the stabilisation of these numbers.  Numbers are reported to have held for the last two years just over 300,000 drivers.

The industry still has an older profile, and all industry reports show that significant numbers of drivers will be retiring in the next 5 years and so far, younger people are not being encouraged to work in the industry, with the % age profile being top heavy (over 45years old)

The industry also saw the return of the HGV levy on the 1st of August 2023, after it was suspended to support industry recovery since August 2020. Drivers or operators are responsible for paying the levy, which will start to erode some of the increased experience over the last couple of years.

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