Essex continues the hunt for recycling partners after it paused the tender process last May

Axiom Personnel has a team of highly experienced consultants who provide staff in the recycling sector, and we have been following this story since last May 2023, when Essex County Council paused the tender process after they has received no compliant bids.

This tender is for the processing of black bag waste in Essex and will run for 14 years with the total value of the contract reaching £1 billion.

This contract is after a long legal battle reported by the BBC where the original waste plant began being demolished back in September 2023, this plant was only built 10 years ago and was supposed to have the capacity to process 420 million tonnes of waste.

As a resident of Essex for both the business and the majority of the staff, this is very disappointing, with the company who had been awarded the contract blaming the ‘type of waste’ being delivered to the plant the reason why it was not meeting the targets.

There are several local, national and international companies who now are front runners for this new contract, including Viridor, Indavor and Cory.

Virador agreed to acquire the Thameside Energy Recovery Facility, in Tilbury, it would be good to keep our rubbish close to our homes, wouldn’t it!?