Eight out of ten UK workers say they don’t need to be in an office to be productive

The survey of 6,600 workers in the UK, Australia, Europe and North America,
highlights significant demand for working away from the office, yet only
47 per cent of workers are currently allowed to work from home. The figure
drops as low as 40 per cent in North America, but rises to 55 per cent in
the Netherlands.

The top three drivers for wanting to work outside of the office are: better
work-life balance; being more productive; and savingtime and money on a
daily commute. However, despite 43 per cent of workers saying they would
get more done if they worked from home, 48 per cent agreed that their
employer does not provide adequate technology to do so effectively.

In Germany, 32 per cent of workers would like to work from a café, 38 per
cent of Australian employees would like to work from the beach, while 18
per cent of Americans say they work fromtheir beds on occasion. In the UK,
28 per cent of workers would like tobe able to work room the pub – and 7
per cent currently do.