Dust off your desk and reconnect your headset as workers return to the office in 2024

Finally, the tide seems to be turning as office workers are making their way back into the workplace, rather than remote working. In a recent survey of 1800 workers carried out by Castleforge, a real estate investor, their findings revealed that more than a third of respondents felt isolated at home and over half felt they were more productive in the workplace.

When you start to look into the data, this increased significantly when you started to look at the younger respondents, with almost 60% claiming they are more productive in the office. It also found that the office environment was key to feeling positive about returning.

Some of the largest global firms including Google and even Zoom are now requiring employees to be in the office for more than 3 days a week. Our team at Axiom have remained office-based and we believe this is the best environment for our staff for many reasons, including the ability to motivate, manage and maintain open communication between the recruiters and the resourcers.

Castleforge reported that rather than a reduction in demand, they have seen an increase in rental values, of high-quality office space, by 20% and that employers are looking for convenient well-maintained offices to encourage office workers back to their desks.

If you read the announcement yesterday (30/1/23) from the Global CEO of UPS, where they are cutting 12,000 jobs after lengthy negotiations with the unions, she is now ordering workers to return to the office 5 days a week this year.

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