Decarbonisation projects start to accelerate, know your colours, green is in!

But are we ready for the change, the Climate Change Committee are forecasting new job opportunities in the net zero economy could be as high as 725,000 jobs, with around 250,000 jobs already created as part of the transition, but this drops dramatically to only 125,000 if we aren’t ready and haven’t implemented the right training and education to equip the workforce. These industries will go abroad to find the right people.

The first major UK sites for decarbonisation are expected to be in The Humber and South Wales, these will exploit Hydrogen and carbon capture.

If you remember in 2021, we experienced Insulate Britain protests, with the M25 and other major UK motorways getting blocked, they demanded the government provided better insulation for social housing, to help reduce the use of carbon fuels and also reduce energy bills for tenants. This was prior to the huge increases in energy prices.

In July this year, the Guardian reported on a recent Labour plan to insulate more homes, targeting 19m of the UK’s leakiest homes. The article claimed this could potentially create over 200,000 new full-time equivalent jobs, it also suggests that Labour would invest £6bn with local authorities to give families grants and loans to upgrade energy efficiency measures in their homes, which will hopefully contribute to reducing energy bills and cutting emissions.

We were only discussing recently about our workplace and if the landlords will be introducing any green energy to help bring down our bills or upgrade the parking area and introduce EV chargers. There doesn’t seem to be any plans yet, but time will tell.

We haven’t yet seen many clients thinking about the skills that are needed for this new economy, but we are sure this will come. If you are looking for a recruiter who is ready for this new conversation, we would love to hear from you.