Construction News – Essex Council backs the new leisure centre build.

Axiom Personnel work closely with construction clients right across the country and we are talking to the trades on a daily basis. We all understand the issues affecting recruitment for construction sites and we work closely with our construction customers keeping a robust and growing database of potential candidates across all trades & labour, this proactive approach means our clients can rely on our team to quickly meet their staffing needs.

But as part of these conversations, we are also keenly aware of the additional pressures on builders with continuing price pressures on material costs.

The FMB carry out The State of Trade survey in Q3 and received over 250 responses from their members in 2022. The pressure remains on costs with 83% of their members expecting to see pressure on prices in Q4 2023 and almost half of the members looking to the UK government to increase immigration opportunities for Carpenters, Bricklayers and General Labourers.

Industry publications continue to report on the price pressures in construction, materials rocketed by 25% in 2022 and although there are signs that prices are beginning to stabilise, they are not coming down to the original prices when quotes were first agreed.

Having lived and worked in Essex for most of my career and it’s so disappointing to see that a local facility funded by the taxpayer, is seeing an increase in the budget of £8m with the centre not due to open until 2025. The developer claimed staffing shortages, material costs and equipment fee increases have contributed to these additional pressures on the budget.

If you are an employer in the construction sector and are looking for regular, reliable staff to support your sites, call Liam and book in a meeting to find out how we can help you meet your recruitment targets.