Can AR (Augmented Reality) answer some of the labour crises in manufacturing and the UK workplace?

Although this is an incredibly interesting subject the truth seems to be, AR is yet to have any real impact on the workplace and manufacturing processes. The current limits seem to be the availability of the 5G network and also 5 G-enabled devices plus the investment in the manufacturing processes, without an injection of funding in both, AR remains an education and gaming tool that still hasn’t managed to realise its full potential.

However, I am sure that some multinational companies, universities, medical research and learning centres are already using holographic imagery to support their work and research.

There are some of the major tech companies who are now investing in glasses like Levona, Microsoft and Google and as AR technologies merge with AI, this will only increase.

AR is the next generation of learning and development, with the opportunity to train individuals who could be exposed to a dangerous environment, or using AR means training can be the cost-efficient and safe way, enabling access to technical manuals and experiences almost in the blink if an eye.

AR is being used in marketing campaigns and art galleries to create immersive experiences and we may see things like zoos and museums also bringing visits to life through AR.

Although AR remains consumer-focused the reality is in the longer term industry is going to lead the way in its usage, and industrial applications using augmentation engineers will lead the way in design, cataloguing and product training. The use of AR with lesser-skilled engineers who can be supported via experts being able to see what the site engineer can see, reducing the need for expensive technicians out on the road. This will mean factories and manufacturing plants, can use local skills supported by highly qualified technicians to repair and maintain facilities anywhere around the world.

Although our teams aren’t currently working with manufacturers and industrial clients who are utilising AR technologies this is an area we are watching closely.

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