Axiom Personnel specialises in manufacturing and industrial job placements and we closely follow industry news, today the Government launched its “Critical Imports and Supply Chain Strategy.

Critical imports are considered to be things like; medical supplies to support the NHS and keep our hospitals running and through to semiconductors which are essential in modern electronics.

With the increasing pressure on geopolitical politics, with examples like Russia and Ukraine and the recent attacks in the Red Sea, environmental disasters and the Covid pandemic, the UK has taken action to boost its resilience for critical goods. The UK imported around £218 billion pounds of goods in 2023 and the launch of this strategy took place in Heathrow Airport which accounts for £86 billion of the total imports, it is the largest import hub coming into the UK.

More than 100 top UK firms and industry representative bodies have contributed to this strategy to create a secure supply chain to better protect their businesses and customers, examples of this would include seeking investment in programmes like lithium mining exploration in Cornwall as well as the creation of a new online portal enabling companies to report red tape which is restricting the free flow of critical goods allowing governments to work on removing those barriers if at all possible.

This strategy also includes research into combatting the impact of shocks in the supply chain, as well as climate change and how to mitigate environmental disasters.

Manufacturing jobs are reliant on the continuous supply of goods into the UK and keeping the goods flowing freely into the UK is essential to the jobs market.

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