Axiom Personnel now has the Bronze Award for the Armed Forces Covenant.

At the end of October 2023, Courtney Cole joined Axiom Personnel with a mission to get the Bronze Award from The Armed Forces Covenant by Easter 2024. We are proud of her achievement, we were awarded The Bronze Award in January ahead of her target date.

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise that is made to those who have served or who serve in the British Armed Forces and their families, to be treated with fairness and respect in their communities, both economically and by society in general, as a recognition of the sacrifice and contribution they have made to our national safety.

Any business in the UK can apply to support the armed forces and the covenant by:

Providing goods or services to reserve or serving members of the armed forces, family members or bereaved family members.

Employing serving leavers or veterans of the armed forces or their families etc.

We aspire to become a silver member of this scheme as soon as we can, and have signed an agreement which demonstrates our commitment to upholding the principles of the Armed Forces Covenant.

We are looking forward to working with veterans and leaving serving members of the armed forces to place them in roles with our clients over the coming months and years.

If you are coming out of the forces or are a veteran and are struggling to get in the workplace, book some time with Courtney and we can work with you to get you a suitable placement.