Axiom Personnel specialises in manufacturing and industrial job placements and we closely follow industry news, today the Government launched its “Critical Imports and Supply Chain Strategy.

Critical imports are considered to be things like; medical supplies to support the NHS and keep our hospitals running and through to semiconductors which are essential in modern electronics. With the increasing pressure on geopolitical politics, with examples like Russia and Ukraine and the recent attacks in the Red Sea, environmental disasters and the Covid … Continued

From January 1st 2024, tough new restrictions will come into effect on Student Visas and their ability to bring family members into the UK.

The only students where there will be any concessions will be on postgraduate research courses or government-funded scholarships. This is an attempt by the government to tackle rising immigration. In the year ending September 2023, there were over 152,000 visas for dependents issued to students and that is a rise of 930% since 2019, when … Continued

Vacancies are still up on pre-pandemic levels even with the slowing of the economy.

Indeed posted a report in early December, highlighting their vacancy rates which still remain higher than February 2020. The largest declines in job vacancies are still coming from those sectors led by discretionary spending, including production, retail and distribution. Construction has been hit by the slowdown in the housing market, the year-on-year Indeed Job index … Continued

Are you a mum and looking to return to work in 2024?

In the March 2023 budget, the government announced they would be offering free places to working parents and this plan would roll out in 2024. As we approach the end of 2023, parents are already visiting nursery schools and places in some areas are limited. But this is going to make a significant difference to … Continued

Do you know how your generation feels about work?

Firstly do you know what generation classification you fall into? Generations have been defined as when you were born and how that affects your attitudes, behaviours, values and perceptions. There are now 6 well-known generations, with an additional one from the turn of the century, but this was an American definition and has a lot … Continued

Quality Management Jobs in Manufacturing in the UK in 2023

Quality management is an essential part of any manufacturing process. It ensures that products and services meet the needs and expectations of customers, and that they are consistently produced to a high standard. Quality management jobs in manufacturing are in high demand in the UK, and are expected to remain so in 2023 and beyond. … Continued