Around half of secondary school teachers are threatened at least once a month – manned guards are becoming an essential part of some school’s budget.


This is because teachers and educational professionals have a higher-than-average chance of being a victim of violence at work. In a recent survey carried out by the NASUWT (Teachers Union), more than 6% of teachers surveyed had been subjected to physical violence in the last year and 1 in 10 had been threatened with violence. Unfortunately, less than half of the teachers felt supported by their school or college. It can often be difficult to bring additional security measures into an educational environment as it may feel like an admittance of the school losing control of discipline, but it is often the only solution to bringing a feeling of safety to some of the staff.

The challenge in most larger schools and colleges is disruptive student behaviours. The good news is the acts of violence against staff are being carried out by a very small proportion of the school community, but the disruption this can cause to morale, teaching and learning can be devastating.

Manned security remains one of the most prominent security features in schools and colleges and they form part of their policy to protect staff, students and facilities.

A security team will be able to screen for prohibited items in schools, which can often be the underlying reasons for poor behaviours.

These can include:

  • Illegal drugs and alcohol
  • Knives or weapons
  • Cigarettes, tobacco
  • Any item banned by the school rules.

Employing trained SIA guards, removes the burden of checks from the teaching staff and allows them to get on with the task of educating the students, a qualified security guard will be trained and if they are working in a school will also have an enhanced DBS check.

Schools and colleges can often be a demanded area for security staff . We take meticulous care in the selection process before placing a candidate into an education establishment, working alongside the educators and the safeguarding plans to ensure we have the right fit for the environment.

At Axiom Personnel we employ highly experienced Recruiters and one of our team is a qualified SIA Door Supervisor so understands the demands of the job and is skilled in placing the right candidates with the right skills into the right setting.

If you work in education and are looking to expand or establish a new security team in your school or college, call our offices today to enhance the protection of your staff and premises.