After yesterday’s budget news, I thought it would be nice to share some good news!

Liam recently placed an engineering candidate in a Project Management role. It was for a local Romford business and the candidate left a google review, totally unsolicited! I don’t know about anyone else, but getting reviews can be really challenging, especially in our business, when our clients don’t want to be named as they want to be canvassed.

This was a great review:

“Was called by Liam regarding a role he was looking to fill, went through the interview process and two weeks later joined my new employer. Thanks to Liam for that initial call, the advice and the support. Great experience, so quick and so easy”

The client was thrilled with the candidate and the appointment process was smooth.

Engineering is an enormous contributor to the UK economy; it employs over 5.5 million people and at least 15% of the working population in every region work in engineering. They are generally well educated, with a wide range of knowledge and skills. The industry is well-distributed across the UK, and unlike many industries, the age profile of the workforce is also not weighted to the older groups, with 65% of the workforce still under 50 years old. It is also an industry that is having some success in recruiting women, with 14% of women employed and they are often significantly better educated than their male counterparts

The Engineer Magazine carried out its 2023 Salary Survey and published the results last week. It received over 800 responses and its clear salaries are rising in the sector with 71% of engineers having received an increase over the last 12 months. There is also a willingness to move, with almost half of the respondents saying they would consider taking a new job.

If you are looking to recruit in this sector, our team of consultants would love to hear from you.