266,000 additional construction workers will be needed by 2026 to meet the UKs housing demand

This equates to an additional 53,000 workers every year to enable the UK to meet the housing targets set in place by this government.

If the UK achieves these targets the construction industry will grow to 2.78 million workers by 2026.

These figures are produced by the CITB as part of their most recent industry outlook for 2022-2026.

These numbers are going to be a substantial challenge for the construction sector, attracting and retaining workers in the sector along with poor success rates from apprenticeships are compounding an already difficult situation, putting increasing pressure on employers.

Apprenticeship success rates have fallen again in 2021 with only 3 out of 5 apprentices going on to achieve their qualification. The reforms that took place moving apprenticeships over from frameworks to standards is now having an impact and that is going to take time to rectify and improve. I know many employers in the construction industry that struggle to support their apprentices in achieving the 20% off job training, with increasing pressure on the workforce apprentices are playing a valuable role on many sites, supporting the skilled staff.

The CITB forecast the trades that remain in highest demand over the next 4 years will be carpenters and joiners, as well as site managers, many supervisors are having to remain on the tools as the staff are not available, this is placing increasing stress on those middle managers and they are not getting the training they need to move into more senior roles.

Other roles that remain in high demand are estimators, valuers, office and administration staff, civil engineer technicians and engineers.

There are significant variations in the regional needs of the industry with Great London needing an additional 26,000 construction workers to meet the growing demand.

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